I’m here visiting from Maine and I attended 2 classes: Forest Yoga with Annie, and Aerial Yoga with Morgan. Both were phenomenal. What an incredible experience I had in each class. The instructors were both talented and intuitive. 10/10 highly recommend, literally cannot say enough good things! From the lovely phone call with Erin, when I called to ask questions, to the scent of Eucalyptus when I walked in, to the bananas and novel gifts on the table at the very end: Alpine Yoga helped make my visit that much more exciting!
Vanessa B
Alpine Yoga offers a wide range of classes that will enrich your Yoga experience. The instructors are warm and friendly as they intuitively guide you through your Yoga practice. I always finish with a sense of well-being and a feeling of accomplishment that only Yoga can bring! Thank you Eryn!!!
Jim Clark
There is a reason that this yoga studio gets such high marks. It really is that good. I am a beginner who just likes stretching and gentle poses; there are multiple classes that I can take and I feel safe (no injuries) with every instructor there. But they can handle the very experienced practitioners, too. Their prices are reasonable and have package deals which suits me.
Kitty S
I’ve been going to Alpine Yoga for over 6 weeks now, and I absolutely love it! The instructors, especially Morgan, Annie Camp, and Eryn, are all so full of joy, which is something I have really been needing at this time in my life. They have a wide variety of classes. I suggest doing the 2 week trial and finding the classes that work best for you. For me, that is Basics and Forrest. I highly recommend Alpine Yoga.
Mari Anne L