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Melise Rider

About Melise Rider

Herbalist and Biofeedback consultant at Alpine Yoga

Melise Rider is certified with Bio-Dynamic Resonance, a Quantum Living Advocate with Solex, and has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. She is master’s certified in Pilates and holds a certification from Udemy in herbs and natural remedies. Twenty years of experience and her own health journey led her to companies such as Nature’s Sunshine, INNO-VITA, and Systemic Formulas. She is passionate about holistic healing by balancing body systems for mind, body, and spirit.

What is Herbology?

The practice of herbal medicine is based on the principle that to heal a person, the protocol should be targeted at the underlying cause rather than the symptoms. Herbalism looks at the person from a holistic perspective: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of an individual are intertwined and intimately connected and so should be treated. Therefore, herbalism combines other natural therapies, including diet modification, physical activity, yoga, frequency balancing, homeopathic and more.

An herbal medicine consultation is suitable for individuals interested in natural medicine or who have already used allopathic medicine treatments unsuccessfully or didn’t like the side effects.

A consultation is also crucial if the patient wishes to use herbal medicine in conjunction with conventional treatment. (recommended to discuss with your doctor). A herbalist can determine possible contraindications – which may cause either or neither of the protocols to be helpful for the client/patient – and guarantee that the combination does not introduce other symptoms or conditions.

What is Bio-Dynamic Resonance Technique?

This technique uses energetically programmed vials to access the body’s external energetic field to support the body’s bio-computer and optimize our own ability to reorganize and heal. Vials are targeted to balance emotional and physical root causes. This program was created to be quick and simple but effective by Dr. Dominique, D.C. Life Care Programming and Dr. Patti, D.C. Integral Well-being Technologies.

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