Saturdays, 2pm – 5pm | March 2nd – April 13th

Location: Conroe

2064 N Farm to Market 3083 Rd W, Conroe, TX 77304

Join me, Danielle, each Saturday of March and April as I guide you through the exploration of your Chakra System. Chakras are the energetic wheels that govern different parts of your body. As an example, the Root Chakra located at the base of your spine deals with stability and security. If your Root Chakra is unbalanced, you may feel unstable or lacking security. This may translate in your body as weak knees or lack of balance. This may translate in your mind as anxiety or stress. Each Saturday, we will dive into these energetic centers that may be affecting your being.

Saturdays 2-5pm at Conroe

  1. Root: March 2nd – Explore ways to find more stability and security in life. The yoga practice will focus on grounding and alignment for stability in your entire being.
  2. Sacral: March 9th – Express and be more in the flow when the unexpected comes. The yoga practice will focus on nourishing the hips and bringing more fluidity in your body.
  3. Solar Plexus: March 16th – Burn away your limiting beliefs and step into your power. The yoga practice will focus on the core to energize your body and strengthen your mind.
  4. Heart: March 23rd – Find acceptance and embody compassion. The yoga practice will focus on opening the chest and finding support for the heart.
  5. Throat: March 30th – Speak your truth and discover ways to live authentically. The yoga practice will focus on releasing neck and shoulder tension, as well as stuck expressions.
  6. Third Eye: April 6th – Learn to tune in and gain clarity. The yoga practice will focus on improving balance and connection to your intuition.
  7. Crown: April 13th – Discover who you are and be more self-aware. The yoga practice will focus on inversions to challenge and broaden your perspective.

If you are only able to come to, or if you are only interested in, one or a few workshops, you can attend individually for $50 each. But I encourage you to attend all the workshops to get the full experience for a discounted price of $300.

General Outline of Each Workshop

  1. 30 min overview on the chakra of the day: We will discuss their location in the body, their symbolism in our lives, and how they affect your body, mind, and spirit if they are out of balance.
  2. 90 min yoga based on the chakra in focus.
  3. 60 min specific chakra balancing activity, meditation, and self-reflection. Please bring a journal.

Some of these activities you may not have done in a long time. I invite you to trust your process and be open to learn and embody a more playful side of you. Balance in life takes time and the willing to change.