Renew & Restore with Samantha Jay

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Join us this Sunday evening for a blissful journey into relaxation, self-discovery, and inspiration with the incredible sound healer, Samantha Jay. β˜€οΈ

As we embrace the essence of summertime, associated with productivity, inner strength, and ambition, we invite you to connect and realign with your solar plexus through a transformative sound meditation. 🌟 Visualize the cleansing fire within, burning away what no longer serves you.

Experience the magic of a sound bathβ€”a rejuvenating practice that combines the soothing power of sound and vibration to bring harmony to your mind, body, and soul. 🎢 Samantha, a certified sound practitioner from SoundEmbrace Institute, a talented musician, and a holistic vocal coach with degrees from Southern Utah University and Utah State University, will lead us through an immersive 90-minute session guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed, balanced, and at peace.

For centuries, sound baths have harnessed the power of vibrations to connect with your very cells and entrain brain waves into a soothing theta state, similar to REM sleep. This state facilitates cellular healing and a profound reset of your body and mind.

Let the exquisite sounds wash over you as you surrender to a sea of tranquility, releasing the world’s demands and expectations. 🌊 We look forward to seeing you there!

Take a deep breath, inhale serenity… and simply let go. πŸ’«

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