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Join us this Sunday and experience an evening of relaxation, self-discovery, and inspiration with our sound healer, Samantha Jay.


The calming sounds of the bowls, drums, and wind instruments evoke warmth, peace, nourishment, contentment, and stillness that draw us deeper into ourselves. Join Samantha for a sound bath experience that connects you to your inner wisdom, grounds down into your being, and aligns and embodies your truth.


Sound baths have been used for centuries using the vibrations of sound to connect with your body on a cellular level and stimulate brain wave frequencies to create a theta brain wave state (the state of REM sleep). This Theta state is conducive to cellular healing and recalibrates your body and mind.


Let the exquisite sounds cascade over you as you let yourself be held in a sea of sound and let go of the expectations, pressures, and to-dos of the world around you. We’ll see you there!


Doors open at 6:20 pm

No entry past 6:30 pm


What to bring?

1. Water

2. Yoga mat (We will have mats laid out to mark where to set up. Please bring your yoga mat to lay on top of the mats.)

3. Eye mask (not necessary, but nice)

4. Anything else that will make you feel comfortable while lying down or sitting (blanket, pillow, bolster, comfy clothes, etc.)


I am here to help:

You are not alone.


If you find that you have questions about your experience after the sound bath, there is time directly after the session to share with Samantha to gain more clarity and how to apply your experience.


If you have questions after you leave, you are welcome to email Samantha as well.


If you want to take your sound journey a step further Samantha does share private 1:1 Sound Healing and small group sessions.


Sound Healing has been shown to support stress reduction, and pain relief, and promote restful sleep. Some of the most frequent benefits people have experienced in a Sound Bath Immersion include:


• relief from stress or anxiety

• pain reduction

• peace of mind and mental clarity

• emotional healing or release

• continuing self-development

• better sleep

• spiritual connection, integration, and wholeness.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not recommended for those in their first trimester of pregnancy, those who currently have thrombosis, have hypotension, or have sensory sensitivity. Sound Healing is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. People with medical conditions should consult their doctor. Results may vary from person to person.


No cash at the door. Limited space. Please register online ahead of time.


Media. There is a possibility with all sound bath sessions and events that pictures and videos will be taken and shared on social media with the intention to make Sound Healing more accessible. Though faces are usually not seen, there is the possibility. Please email if you have any questions regarding this.


Return Policy: There are no refunds and tickets are non-transferable.

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