Kevin McQuillan 4 Part Workshop: Desire to Heal

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Workshop: Desire to Heal

We’re living in a time of considerable conflict, disconnection, unease, and overwhelm.

It’s within this state of scarcity that we convince ourselves that we don’t have enough and are not enough. Therefore, we must do more and be more.

This destructive loop is based in fear and shame and, if stuck in it long enough, will lead to deep seated anxiety, intense suffering, and dis-ease.

What if we told you that we had a formula to break this cycle?

McQuillan Method presents a 4-part Workshop: Desire to Heal

In this 4-part workshop you will:

Discover your personal sabotage strategies that leave you exhausted, resentful and unfulfilled

Understand how your desire to protect yourself is actually weakening you

Confront your fear and shame and take healing into your own hands

We believe that your path to healing begins by confronting your suffering. So, if you’re ready and willing to do this work, then this workshop is for you.

Each part of the 4-part workshop is one chapter that confronts one problem and, conversely, offers a solution. Collectively, the entire 4-part workshop is a four-chapter story that will detail how individual suffering manifests into confusion and separation in your relationships. Once defined, learn practices and strategies that generate awareness, provoke change, teach self-preservation, and experience relationship intimacy.

Each chapter can be taken independently or join us for all 4 chapters. However you decide to participate, we trust that you’ll receive what you need.

We’re very proud of this offering and are confident that you will gain meaningful results by joining us.

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