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Alpine Yoga presents two intimate and open forum workshops co-led by Annie Camp and Casey Bryan. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive an enriched individualized experience.

Your personal practice will be assessed and applicable feedback on alignment will be offered. Think private session in a safe group setting with ample hands on assists, giving you an opportunity to visit poses in a slightly different way.

Together with you, Annie and Casey will focus on co-developing a new depth to your practice. These workshops will focus on relaying current best practices tailored to your natural bone structure, injuries, and sensitivities.

Part One:
Basic standing postures and sun salutations.

Part Two:
Extended variations such as binds and arm balances.

Annie and Casey met in December 2016. They recognized kindred spirits within each other at first sight. They’ve grown together over the years, co-leading numerous workshops and retreats. Their unique blend of personalities has created a fun, fiery environment rooted in a calm, grounded energy. Annie and Casey offer a combined 20 years of teaching experience. They each bring a unique perspective that compliments the other and love sharing this practice we call Yoga.

They’re excited for you to join them 😉

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